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Hay making in July

Welcome to Cliffs Farm

Cliffs Farm is a 57 hectare (140 acre) grass and arable farm in Mawdesley, Lancashire. We have provided educational visits for school groups since 1995.

School groups are welcome to arrange a visit at any time of year.

Marl pit
Drainage ditch
Wild honeysuckle
Discover ponds, ditches, ancient hedgerows
and uncultivated field margins.
Maize (sweetcorn)
Learn about vegetable and cereal growing
and study different types of s
Hedge laying

You can integrate a farm study into your school's programme of cross curricular themes, and use it for fieldwork in Geography, History or Science.

Hawthorn berries in October

You may want to develop a long term case study by planning several visits at different times of the year, or encourage older students to set up their own individual projects.

Updated: 1st December 2010