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Poplar Activity Logs

Outdoor education and play at Cliffs Farm

pals Activity logs are sets of 3 logs that link together in a variety of ways to create a versatile, multipurpose piece of equipment for primary aged children. They are ideal for outdoor play and seating.
Activity logs can be made into a sitting circle for an outdoor classroom where the children come together for discussion, snack time and games. They can also be a balance beam, or hurdles, a seesaw, a bridge or a ramp. They can be a motorbike, a train, a road roller, a horse, or anything a creative child can imagine. They help to develop strength, co-ordination, balance and judgement. They can also be used for team games and group-based construction activities.
Features of Activity Logs
  • Activity Logs have been made from poplar trees because the wood is light and the bark is smooth, so the logs are easy to lift and handle.
  • Activity Logs come in sets of 3. There are two short logs, cut in the middle to form a stand and a longer log which forms a seat or balancing beam.
  • Activity logs are grown locally and sustainably at Cliffs Farm.
  • Activity Logs can be arranged for seating or used for active outdoor construction and play.
For a set of 3 logs, the cost is 30. They can be purchased from Cliffs Farm or delivered to you at a cost of 15 for 3 sets. To order Activity Logs, click on Contact Us above.